Who We Are

AbdulHakeem Dherar AlShaer - Board Executive

Started his carrier as a teacher; later became a curriculum specialist in the curriculum directorate, then a school principle and later the general director of AlFalah private schools.

In 2009 joined BQA as school’s review lead, and director for quality assuring reviewing teams and their judgments.

Mr. AlShear became a consultant and expert in reviewing, quality assuring reviews processes and judgments and in preparing schools for the BQA reviews in the kingdom of Bahrain.

Basma Mohammed AlBalushi - Chief Executive Officer

She started her career as an ICT teacher from Kindergarten up to high school. She moved on to become an International Examinations and IGCSE coordinator, and an International Accreditation Officer. She followed up her carrier and experience as a Private School Principal and later as Head of Finance and Administrative Affairs in government schools. Whilst in BQA, she worked as a Senior Educational Review Specialist in the Schools Review Directorate. Ms. Basma is an accredited trainer and an ICF accredited coach.

Ahmed AbdulRahman AlBadri - Dept. Board Executive

Started his carrier as a teacher, leading teaching teams, developing curriculum and its implementation in schools; whilst heading the technical curriculum department, and being the director of educational technology and E-learning national project followed-up the utilization of latest technology in schools. Mr. AlBadri worked at BQA as a consultant and expert in reviewing schools, quality assuring reviews process and judgments and preparing schools for the BQA reviews through training of schools’ management.


Our Mission

We at Quality Excellence for educational consultancy company (QEECBH) aim at elevating the educational situation, providing distinguished consultation and services in the area of educational quality and support; through best educational and training practices, facilitating the employment process for administrative, teaching and technical staff for schools, training institutions and other educational organizations with all its components and at all levels within the Kingdom of Bahrain and abroad, according to local frameworks and data and regional variables and international trends to achieve global leadership, with scientific methodology and specialized national expertise and international competencies, in reviewing schools’ performance and evaluate their effectiveness, selecting competent employees, and in translation and linguistic proofreading and editing operations.


Our Vision

To be pioneers in providing consultation and quality programs and operational solutions professionally; to simulate national, regional and international quality standards.


Our Values

  • Objective and accurate consultation.
  • Stability on principles and commitment to virtuous morality.
  • Privacy and confidentiality of information.
  • Integrity and responsibility.
  • Earnestness in providing support, guidance and training.
  • Achievement of tasks based on the highest levels of professionalism.
  • Constant development and renovation.