Knowledge and experience

First-hand experience about the philosophy of school’s review for improvement purposes; springs from the fact that individuals in the consultancy firm are; experts, consultants, and senior schools review specialists. This facilitates an in-depth knowledge for providing the required expert support to improve the schools’ performance holistically in a scientific and practical manner.

Competency of skills in implementing projects

As partners and development team we have an up-to date experience and specialized skills in implementing schools’ development projects; as we were consultants and senior specialists in BQA as well as the participation of retired influential staff from MoE schools’ development team. We take advantage of partnership with international expertise as needed, and we are setting an expansion plans; in the light of local and regional market experiences.

External characteristics

Quality assuring the improvement teams ’performance whilst developing schools in order to obtain the best results every time; an assessment exercise is conducted after each review and improvement service, to achieve an on-going improvement in our performance in schools and ensure customer satisfaction.